Board of Education Meetings 2022-2023


    The Board of Education approved the following Board Norms on August 24, 2021.

    • The board will always prioritize the needs of students. 
    • District decisions will be made with a "no surprises" approach and with the highest levels of transparency where items are discussed openly and shared with all stakeholders. 
    • Communication between the stakeholders of the board shall remain timely and inclusive of all stakeholders.
    • All individual board stakeholders will publicly support final decisions of the board, regardless of personal opinion. 
    • Board stakeholders will treat all with respect and expect the same in return.

    The Board of Education approved the following Board Goals on September 13, 2022.

    • The Board of Education will engage with and communicate to the school community in multiple ways on a broad variety of issues including program, facilities, and budget. 
    • The Board of Education will engage the community in a culture of pride by developing mission and vision statements that lead to a brand for West Valley Central School.
    • The Board of Education will increase achievement by setting an expectation of the value of assessments, so the district maintains high NY State Education Department participation rates. 
    • The Board of Education will present a five-year facility plan and a five-year fiscal plan that builds community understanding and delivers community buy-in.

     Meetings will be held in the Library at 6:30pm unless stated differently.

    • The Board of Education invites you, the residents of our school community, to feel comfortable in sharing matters of interest or concern that you might have with us.
    • The Board President will be happy to recognize those of you who wish to speak at our meetings. Please indicate this on the sign on the sheet and you will be called on in order, identify yourself with your name and address.
    • Those items brought to the attention of the Board during this time may be taken under consideration for future response or action. We ask that individual comments be limited to three minutes in order to accomplish the evening's agenda.
    • We respectfully ask that issues related to specific school district personnel or students be brought to the attention of the Superintendent or Principal privately.

    All meetings will commence at 6:30pm unless specified, held in the library and on the third Tuesday of each month except for dates marked with an *.

    Board Meeting Schedule

    Tuesday, July 5th @ 6:30pm

    Reorganizational/Regular meeting

    Tuesday, August 16th   
    Tuesday, September 13th*  
    Tuesday, October 11th   
    Tuesday, November 15th  
    Tuesday, January 17th  
    Tuesday, February 28th*  
    Tuesday, March 21st  

    Tuesday, April 18th

    Tuesday, May 9th 

    Tuesday, May 16th   
    Tuesday, June 20th