• School Buildings

    Built in the mid- to late-1880's, West Valley's first one-room schoolhouse was a one-floor structure, designed to meet New York Education Department specifications common to all small schools; it was built at a cost of under $2,000.

    Later, in the early 1900's, the State issued a rare approval allowing the addition of a second floor to that building. The need for the increased size was to accommodate more students as a result of the publicly approved “centralization” (merger) of the other one-room schoolhouses throughout the Town of Ashford. This rather tall wooden building served students in grades 1-12 for years until it was abandoned in 1935/36.

West Valley School
West Valley School
  • A public vote in the 1930's resulted in the centralization (merging) of the tiny districts within the Township. The process dissolved Ashford Districts #1, #2, #3, etc. resulting in a new district named “West Valley Central School.”  A building project soon followed.