• Hello Everyone!

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    My name is Mr. Lembke. I teach Global 9, Global 10, Economics, Government, as well Resource classes.
    The best way to get in touch with me is via email. My email address is dlembke@wvalley.wnyric.org or I can be reached by phone at 716.942.3293 x4120.
    2016 will be my first year working at West Valley and I am excited to get to know everyone. To give you a little bit of background about myself:
    I grew up in Colden, NY and went to Springville Griffith Institute. After High School I went to Buffalo State College where I received degree's in Social Studies Education 7-12 as well as a Master's in Educational Technology. I love technology (I hope you do as well!) I currently live in South Buffalo with my wife Christina, my dog Nacho, and my cat Miso Soup. During my free time I like to go backcountry camping, kayaking, fishing, and hunting. During the winter I look forward to snowboarding as it is one of my favorite sports. During the summer I play on a competitive mixed ultimate team.
    I look forward to meeting everyone and having a successful school year!
    Mr. Lembke
    Social Studies/Special Education Teacher
    West Valley Central School District
    5359 School Street, West Valley, NY 14171
    716.942.3293 x4120
    Miso  Nacho