Denton and Leora Aldrow Memorial Park

  • The Denton and Leora Aldrow Memorial Park, also referred to as "The Grove," is a public picnic area in the woods behind the school that was originally part of a government work relief program called the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

    The school was bequeathed a monetary donation in 2000 by the Denton and Leora Aldrow family for the purpose of building, refurbishing, expanding, upgrading, and maintaining the area. Based upon the agreement between Denton and Leora Aldrow and the West Valley Central School District, the School District agreed to rename "The Grove" to the, “Denton and Leora Aldrow Memorial Park.” The donation received by the school district was to ensure that it would be maintained in its entirety and in perpetuity.

    In 2003 the stone pillars, restroom, picnic shelter with BBQ access and picnic tables, and covered bridge were constructed by Boberg Construction. One of the stone pillars at the entrance of the Park, holds a name plaque for the Park. The access road to the grove was completed by the Town of Ashford. Donations of labor and materials installed the bridge across the creek to the east side leading to the school’s athletic fields by Seven Springs Construction.

    Eagle Scout Projects performed and completed to enhance “Denton and Leora Aldrow Memorial Park” 

    • Sam Dayton and Richard Dayton installed trails and marked trees with signage to identify species in 2004.
    • Jonathan Boberg refurbished the water access line from the existing spring to the Park in 2007. The following Spring a flood washed away some of the previous work to the access line. Benjamin Boberg fixed what was damaged and installed a water hydrant to be used for washing purposes only in 2008.
    • Colin Gerwitz constructed and installed bat houses throughout the Park to help insect control in 2009.
    • Alex Fisher improved a trail and spruced up the picnic area in 2021.

    We are grateful to Sam Dayton, Richard Dayton, Jonathan Boberg, Benjamin Boberg, Colin Gerwitz and Alex Fisher for dedicating their time and resources to care for this treasured public space.

The Grove
  • Facilities

    • Picnic tables
    • Covered pavilion
    • Firepit
    • Grills
    • Hiking Paths


    To reserve the park, please contact Carolyn Boberg at 716-942-3100, ext. 4102. A Facilities Use Form must also be completed.  

The Grove